WHMIS and The Global Harmonizing System Employee Training


This Video On Demand discusses the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS) that helps keeps employees who work with hazardous chemicals safe. This course provides the information to help you train employees on the WHMIS 2015. The video discusses the types of physical and health hazards presented by hazardous chemicals, describes the components of container labels and the use of health hazard and transportation pictograms on container labels. Information contained on safety data sheets and the importance of reviewing the sheets are stressed, along with the types and proper use of personal protective equipment appropriate for various types of chemical exposure. Employees have the right to review the WHMIS and safety data sheets, and this video training makes workers aware of their need to understand how to work safely with and near hazardous chemicals.


Workers in Canada who encounter hazardous chemicals in manufacturing, warehousing or transportation industries

Chemical Plant|Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|The Written WHMIS Plan|The Global Harmonizing System (GHS)|Hazard Classification|Container Labels|Use of Pictograms on Container Labels|Physical Hazard Pictograms|Health Hazard and Environmental Pictograms|Transportation Pictograms|Signal Words|Hazard and Precautionary Statements|Other Label Components|Safety Data Sheets|Personal Protective Equipment|Conclusion


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