Sexual Harassment Prevention For Managers In California 2-Hour Course: Part 4


An estimated 20% of men and 50% of woman have experienced sexual harassment at work. The state of California has specific laws beyond federal laws to prevent sexual harassment. This video training explores sexual harassment prevention for managers in California. It is the final part in the four-part series for managers to fulfill their two-hour training requirement. This video explains abusive conduct and workplace bullying. Examples are shown of different kinds of abusive conduct. This training educates managers on what they need to know to protect themselves and their employees from charges of workplace harassment. It’s every manager’s responsibility to create a safe, comfortable environment for all employees; a workplace free of harassment and fear and full of respect. Managers and supervisors must complete all four parts of this training series to comply with the law.


All managers

Healthcare Facilities|Manufacturing Plant|Offices|Warehouse

Introduction|What Is Workplace Bullying?|Workplace Bullying Has Consequences|What You Need To Know|Unacceptable Behaviors|Manager Responsibilities|Diversity Made Simple For Managers|What Is Diversity?|Why Is Diversity Important?|Discovering And Understanding Personal Biases|Respect|Inclusion|Finding Common Ground|Conclusion


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