Hazard Communication Program: To The Point


Increasing safety, controlling workplace hazards, and reducing workplace injuries is the focus of this video-based training. One danger many face is the exposure to hazardous chemicals, which may cause both short and long-term health issues. This program specifically focuses on a hazard communication program designed to address those dangers. This course instructs you on how to recognize the different kinds of hazardous chemicals, as well as what unique risks each classification may present, relevant information on each kind of chemical, and ultimately how best to avoid being harmed. All employees have the right to know about the dangers they may face on the job. Utilize the information presented here and learn how to find the information on the hazards at your workplace, control those hazards, and remain safe on the job.


Anyone who works with or around hazardous chemicals

Chemical Plant|Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|The Hazard Communication Program and The GHS|Three Types of Chemical Hazards|Physical Hazard Pictograms|Health Hazards and Environmental Pictograms|Information Conveyed on Chemical Labels|Hazard and Precautionary Statements|Safety Data Sheets|Conclusion


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13-22 minutes

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