Forklift Operator Certification 3: Loading And Operation


Forklifts can be dangerous, and accidents involving forklifts cause fatalities, injuries, and property damage. Most of these incidents occur because of a mistake made by the forklift operator, and often while the forklift is being loaded or unloaded. Viewers are shown safe work practices, beginning with the steps to take before loading the forklift. Operators must know how much the load weighs and where its load center is. Other important pre-load check points covered include a load’s stability, height, and width. This course also teaches workers how to safely remove a load from a rack, how to safely operate the forklift while driving behind other operators, and how to maintain awareness of co-workers. Personal safety precautions are shown, for when driving and when getting in and out of the vehicle. Operating a forklift is a serious responsibility. Take this safety training course to learn how to safely load and operate a forklift.

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Everyone who operates a forklift

Manufacturing Plant|Warehouse

Introduction|Safe Loading|Removing A Load From A Rack|Landing A Load|Safe Operation|Keeping Co-Workers Safe|Trailers And Railcars|Conclusion


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