Back Safety: Exercise and Ergonomics


Taking care of the machine that earns you a living, your back, is the focus of this training video. Studies show 8 of 10 people will experience back pain or injury. Some of those injuries will be severe enough to permanently affect quality of life. Sprains, which are torn ligaments, and strains, which affect tendons and muscles, are the most common back injuries. This program recognizes that every job whether sedentary or physical requires good back health, and concentrates on the importance of stretching, strength building and ergonomics. Learn about the importance of setting up work stations and work processes so they are safe, efficient and reduce the weight and strain on the lower back. With exercises tailored to the work being performed, basic stretches and modifying work spaces to fit individual needs, employees will be able to protect their backs and their ability to earn a living. Help your employees, and reduce your workers’ compensation claims, by providing this back safety training.


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Introduction|Sprains and Strains|Understand Your Limits|Stretching Exercises|Ergonomics|Poor Posture|Conclusion


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