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From maintaining bridges and drains to patching potholes, numerous construction and maintenance tasks are performed on highways, city streets, and country roads every day. Each year, thousands of workers who perform these tasks, as well as drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, are killed or injured in work zone accidents. However, those deaths and injuries are preventable. This online work zone safety training explores the government regulations for work zone safety, as well as the equipment and procedures that should be used to control traffic around a work area. To protect individuals from work zone accidents, contractors use different types of equipment and procedures to guide vehicles and pedestrians. This process is called “traffic control,” and the Federal Highway Administration has established standards for creating and operating Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Zones around work sites. This course explains these regulations, and demonstrates how to set up a work zone, as well as the best practices for maintaining a safe work zone, all of which are critical in preventing injuries and fatalities. You must take special care when performing night work, and this training video will provide you specific guidance on that subject. Utilize the information presented here and gain an understanding of what you can do to keep both you and your coworkers safe when doing road work.


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