Windows 8.1: Using Windows 8.1 Security Features


Your Windows password can act as the last line of defense between your private data and unwanted users. There are advanced password creation techniques you will learn through this course, such as personal identification numbers and picture passwords, which may help you to find the balance between easy to remember and difficult to break. Of course, this course pertains to more than just passwords. You can change your privacy settings in order to filter out unwanted information, and you can utilize a built-in Windows program called Defender in order to help secure your internet from would-be attackers. Should you desire to share your information with other individuals, you can utilize the SkyDrive to securely share files with people you want to have access to your materials. Keeping your information safe is critical, so utilize the information here and learn how to better secure your personal information against those who may wish to steal it when using Windows 8.1.

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New users of Windows 8.1

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Create Alternate Passwords|Change Your Password|Change Privacy Settings|Use Windows Defender|Store and Share Files with SkyDrive


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34-46 minutes

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Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome

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