Understanding And Preventing Sexual Harassment 1 Hour Training For Employees


Since 1964 laws and legal precedents have been signed and enacted to prohibit discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. By providing one hour of sexual harassment prevention training, this comprehensive course features a variety of scenarios exhibiting unwelcome behavior to show employees the various types of sexual harassment behaviors and how they should respond to such conduct. From explaining why sexual harassment is illegal to providing common remedies for sexual harassment victims, this course prepares employees for preventing, recognizing, and reporting all forms of sexual harassment in the workplace. Use this one-hour course so all employees understand the behaviors that may constitute sexual harassment and know what to do if they witness or experience harassing behavior.


Employees at all levels and positions throughout the organization

Construction Project|Healthcare Facilities|Manufacturing Plant|Offices|Roadway|Warehouse

Introduction|The Negative Impacts Of Sexual Harassment|Recognizing And Defining Sexual Harassment|An Example Of Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment|An Example Of Hostile Workplace Sexual Harassment|Frequently Asked Questions|Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, And Gender Expression Harassment|Third-Party Harassment|Review|Your Organization’s Sexual Harassment Policy|Responding To Harassment|Sexual Harassment Scenario|Sexual Harassment Investigations|Common Questions About Reporting And Investigations|Conclusion


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