Stretching for Injury Prevention with Liz Navarrete – Concise Version


By being awkward or strained, the movements, postures, and positions employees take on every day while working can cause harm to their muscles and joints. This course teaches workers how to avoid posture and motion related injuries. Presented by physical therapist, Liz Navarrete, this course demonstrates how to prevent injuries and remain pain-free by stretching major joints and muscles in opposite directions. Upon seeing which of their daily movements are wrong and harmful, workers quickly understand how and why the eight self-paced stretches they learn in this course can prevent and alleviate injuries to their neck, upper back, lower back, shoulders, hips, knees, wrists, elbows, ankles, and hands. Use this course so all employees learn which stretches will work best for them as they incorporate daily stretching, proper posture, and good body mechanics into their daily routines, on and off the job.


Employees at all levels throughout the company

Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|The Neck Stretch|The Upper Back Stretch|The Lower Back Stretch|The Shoulder Stretch|The Elbow, Wrist And Hand Stretch|Squatting|The Knee Stretch|The Ankle Stretch|Conclusion


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