Sexual Harassment Prevention in Connecticut for Managers and Supervisors 2-Hour Course: Part 4


Every employer in Connecticut is required to have a zero-tolerance policy toward sexual harassment. Every complaint or known instance of sexual harassment in the state is taken seriously, investigated, and when warranted perpetrators will face disciplinary action up to and including termination. Part four, of this 4-part series for managers and supervisors in Connecticut, provides a robust education on harassment prevention, consequences, and workplace bullying. Refreshing managers on the two types of harassment, Quid pro Quo and Hostile Environment, this course illustrates the specific types of harassing behaviors that are unacceptable in the workplace. Highlighting the manager’s role in harassment prevention, this course explains how to report and respond to any type of harassment, including bullying, in the workplace. The course focuses on workplace bullying and details bullying behaviors, consequences of workplace bullying, how to stop bullying, and bystander intervention. Present this course to complete this four-course series and ensure your company’s compliance with the Times Up Act, designed to prevent workplace harassment, that was put into law in Connecticut in June 2019.


All personnel in managerial and supervisory positions and roles in Connecticut

Healthcare Facilities|Manufacturing Plant|Offices|Warehouse

Harassment Prevention|Two Types Of Harassment|Unacceptable Behaviors In The Workplace|Quid Pro Quo|The Manager’s Role In Harassment Prevention|Reporting And Responding|Consequences|Workplace Bullying Prevention|What Is Workplace Bullying?|Bullying Behaviors|The Consequences Of Workplace Bullying|How Can You Stop Workplace Bullying?|Bystander Intervention|How To Intervene|In Conclusion


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