Sexual Harassment Prevention in Connecticut for Managers and Supervisors 2-Hour Course: Part 3


Employers who violate the Connecticut Discrimination Employment Practices Act in Connecticut, which makes sexual harassment illegal in the state, are always liable even if they are unaware that their behaviors, intentions, or perceived intentions were unlawful. Part 3 in this four-part series spotlights pregnancy, religion and age harassment and discrimination. This part teaches managers and supervisors how treating an employee poorly or unfairly due to pregnancy, childbirth, or a pregnancy related medical condition is illegal. This course is framed by the Pregnancy Discrimination and Work Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. It also explains age and religious discrimination acts and laws. Present this course so all managers and supervisors in your Connecticut-based company fully understand age, religion, and pregnancy harassment and discrimination and how to avoid it in the workplace. Managers must complete all four parts to comply with the law, so be sure to continue with Part 4.


Organizational supervisors and managers in all departments and levels in Connecticut

Healthcare Facilities|Manufacturing Plant|Offices|Warehouse

Pregnancy Harassment And Discrimination|The Pregnancy Discrimination And Work Act|The Americans With Disabilities Act And Pregnancy|Pregnancy Harassment|Pregnancy, Maternity And Parental Leave|Break Time For Nursing Mothers|Retaliation|Religious Harassment And Discrimination|Who Is Protected?|Harassment|Segregation|Reasonable Accommodations|Undue Burden Or Hardships|Retaliation|Age Discrimination In Connecticut|Exceptions|Other Important Aspects Of The Law|Hostile Environment Harassment|Retaliation|Keep It Job Related


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