Safe Use and Operation of Industrial Cranes – Concise Version


There are many types of cranes used to move, lift and transport products used in industry. Because of the serious hazards presented by crane operation, crane operators must be fully qualified and 100 percent committed to the safe operation of their crane. This training course provides a concise version of the safe work practices for the use and operation of cranes. This video-based training discusses the need to become qualified to operate a crane. The course then demonstrates the pre-operational inspection of the crane’s key components, including inspecting web slings, wire rope slings, chain slings and rigging the load. Viewers also learn about checking for hazards before operating the crane, checking the equipment’s balance and brakes, lifting and transporting loads, and signals and taglines. This video is appropriate for onboarding crane operators and makes a great refresher for seasoned operators.

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Introduction|Pre-Operational Inspection of the Crane|Inspecting Web Slings|Inspecting Wire Rope Slings|Inspecting Chain Slings|Rigging the Load|Checking for Hazards Prior to Operation|Checking Balance and Brakes|Lifting and Transporting the Load|Signals and Taglines|Conclusion


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