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According to statistics reported to government inspectors by employers, 100 workers are killed in forklift related accidents every year in the United States, 20,000 workers are seriously injured in forklift related accidents every year in the U.S. and 34,000 injuries are treated in emergency rooms every year due to forklift accidents. This course aims to mitigate the dangers of unsafe forklift operation. The program covers a plethora of topics for operators such as, the maneuvering of a forklift, the pre-operation inspection, determining the truck’s lifting capacity and the combined center of gravity, and the machine’s stability triangle. The latter half of the course emphasizes safe operating techniques for maintaining stability, properly lifting and placing loads, safe driving techniques and precautions for the loading dock and trailers. Use this course among your employees to foster a greater awareness of safe and effective forklift operation to prevent injury or even worse, death to yourself or others.


This course is geared toward those whose work involves the operation of powered industrial trucks, more commonly called forklifts.

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Introduction|Operator Training and Certification|Forklifts Maneuver Differently than Automobiles|Pre-Operational Inspection|Determining the Truck’s Lifting Capacity|Combined Center of Gravity and Stability Triangle|Safe Operating Techniques for Maintaining Stability|Lifting and Placing Loads|Safe Driving Techniques|Loading Dock and Trailer Precautions|Conclusion


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