New Features In Microsoft 365: What’s New In PowerPoint?


Microsoft 365 is ever evolving, and the latest updates includes new features also found in Office 2019. This course highlights the new features in PowerPoint to help you create more engaging and interesting slideshows. This course provides step-by-step demonstrations to use new features such as how to highlight text, adjust link colors, draw and write digitally, and animate freehand drawings. The course shows you how to use the new Zoom function, insert videos with Microsoft Stream, record presentations, use Morph to add animations, and add Subtitles. Finally, you can ensure screen readers work with your presentation to ensure accessibility. Use this course to improve your PowerPoint presentations with the new features in Microsoft 365.

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Users with previous Microsoft Office experience who are now using Microsoft 365

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Highlight Text|How To Adjust The Link Color|Draw And Write Digitally|Animate Freehand Drawings|Create Professional Slide Layouts With Powerpoint Designer|Navigate In Presentations With Zoom|Insert Videos From Microsoft Stream|Add Animations Using Morph|Ensure Accessibility In Powerpoint|Record Slideshows Including The Presenter|Enhance Your Presentation With Subtitles In Real Time


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52-56 minutes

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Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome

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