New Features In Microsoft 365: What’s New In Excel?


Most of us are familiar with the Microsoft Office suite of products, especially Microsoft Excel. However, fewer people may be aware of some of the new features available in Excel as part of Office 365. This course aims to shed light on new features by providing step-by-step demonstrations of how to use them. This course details how to use funnel charts, area maps, TEXTJOIN, the IFS function, new excel data types, and Excel Ideas. The course concludes by showing you how to ensure accessibility for users of assistive technology who may access your documents. Utilize this course to empower your employees to take full advantage of Excel 365 with these new features.

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Part of a set of courses introducing new features in Office 365 products, this course is for the data and analytical gurus in your organization who use Microsoft Office Excel.

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Funnel Charts|Area Maps (2D Maps)|TEXTJOIN|The IFS Function|New Excel Data Type: Stocks|New Excel Data Type: Geography|Get New Perspectives On Data With “Excel Ideas”|Ensure Accessibility In Excel


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