New Features In Microsoft 365: New Functions Across All Office Applications


It can be frustrating for Microsoft Office users to keep up with learning the latest upgrades and new features. This course guides users through the process of quickly getting to grips with the newest functions across all Microsoft 365 applications. This course spotlights each new feature, showing hints and tips on how to use them in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Clearly explained, some of the 14 topics in this course include: Fast File Search, How to Share Files, Translate Text into Other Languages, Insert Icons, Enhance Collaboration with Chat, and Mark Comments as Done. Present this course so all Microsoft Office 365 users experience the greatest value and benefits from using the most current innovations across all Office applications.

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Employees who work with Microsoft Office, have working knowledge of Office 2010/2013/2016 or Office 365 and are ready to learn more about Microsoft 365’s new cross-applications features.

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New Search Function|Auto Save And Version Management|Fast File Search|How To Share Files|Black Theme|The Dictate Function|Translate Text Into Other Languages|Insert Icons|Add Transparency To Images|Work With 3D Models|Work With Animated 3D Models|Enhance Collaboration With Chat|Use @Mentions In Comments|Mark Comments As Done


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41-49 minutes

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Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome

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