Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Level 1.8: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation


Most people have created a PowerPoint presentation and presented it to an audience. However, many may not be acutely aware of the nuances of applying the finishing touches to a presentation in preparation for delivering a solid, convincing, and professional presentation to an audience. This course prepares employees to check their work and get organized before presenting with PowerPoint 2016. This course discusses reviewing the presentation with autocorrect, spell checker, and smart lookup, as well as the built-in compatibility and accessibility checker tools. The latter half of the course dives into applying transitions, exporting the presentation to a PDF, and some other equally important key points. Use this course among your employees, particularly those who present a lot, to foster a greater understanding of PowerPoint preparation and presentation delivery.

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Introduction|Review Your Presentation with AutoCorrect, Spell Checker, and Smart Lookup|Review Your Presentation with the Compatibility and Accessibility Checkers|Apply Transitions|Print Your Presentation|Present a Slide Show|Export a Presentation to a PDF File


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37-48 minutes

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Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome

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