Master Project Management


Project managers are challenged to balance the scope, quality, effort, resources, time and sanity required to deliver the work. This training provides guidelines on how to manage all those factors to bring projects in successfully, timely and on budget. This project management training explains how to estimate the amount of time and money required for a project, make a schedule, prioritize, assign and track progress and how to embrace the inevitable changes. It explains how to use a top-down and bottom-up project estimate and schedule to the project’s needs in small segments. Establishing timelines for project milestones is discussed, along with lining up time and task estimates. Viewers are exposed to how to track, classify, prioritize, assign and resolve issues as the project proceeds. This training is appropriate for new project managers, and those who may have managed smaller projects but need an overview of how to manage more complex projects effectively. Use this course to learn some easy tips for successful project management.


New Project Managers

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Be Ready for Change|Break It Down|Make a Schedule|Prioritize, Assign & Track|Embrace Change|One More Thing


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18-22 minutes

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Windows, Apple, Android, Chrome

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