Lockout Tagout for Authorized Workers


“The Control of Hazardous Energy,” OSHA’s standard 1910.147, requires employers to establish a written Energy Control Program. This course focuses on lockout tagout procedures for Authorized workers, the only one of the three categories of workers identified in this standard, who perform lockout tagout operations. Common workplace situations such as jammed machines or servicing electrical switchgear require the control of hazardous energy to protect workers from the unexpected startup or energization of machinery or equipment. i.e., lockout/tagout. With the single purpose of assuring no one gets hurt during this type of maintenance, this course explains the objective of lockout/tagout by taking workers through each step in the process, from notifying affected workers to returning the equipment to service. Present this course so authorized workers learn how and why it is important to perform lockout/tagout procedures safely and correctly.


Maintenance workers, electricians, mechanical technicians, facilities personnel, engineers, and supervisors who are responsible for applying, using, and removing LOTO devices

Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|Notify Affected Workers|The Shutdown Process|Lockout Isolation Points|Drain Potential Energy|Verify The Lockout|Returning Equipment To Service|Conclusion


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