Hot Work Safety and the Permitting Process


Hot work, which includes any operations involving flame or high heat, or that can act as an ignition source, in construction and industrial workplaces causes 30 fatalities and $300 million in property damage per year. This Video On Demand is designed to help manage the risks of hot work so it can be performed safely. Take this course to learn about OSHA’s hot work permit requirements, including the mandatory checklist of hot work hazards for the site in question. The role and responsibilities of the hot work safety manager is discussed, along with the types of precautions that must be observed before hot work begins. Finally, the video explains the hazards of performing hot work in confined spaces, such as tanks, storage bins, vaults, manholes and tunnels. It discusses the hot work permitting requirements for these conditions. Learn how to conduct hot work safely and comply with OSHA requirements.

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Anyone involved in welding, cutting, brazing, and soldering

Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|Hot Work and Its Hazards|The Purpose of a Hot Work Permit|First Steps in the Permitting Process|Preparing the Area and Performing the Work|Hot Work in Confined Spaces|Conclusion


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