Heat Stress In Construction Environments


Physically demanding work, whether it’s under the hot sun, inside a building with no airflow, or bundled up against the cold, causes the employee to become hot and sweaty. This is especially true for building and construction workers who are at risk for heat stress, which can be fatal. Emphasizing the causes and health risks of heat stress, this course shows workers how the strain on a body’s ability to keep cool can interfere with the body’s natural processes to remain strong, flexible, and capable of performing regular tasks. The course further illustrates how and why discomfort from being over-heated can actually be symptomatic of a heat related illness such as heat syncope, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. The course explains what these illnesses are and how to protect oneself from their risks. Present this course so all building and construction workers understand the risks of heat stress and heat-related illnesses and know how to protect themselves and their co-workers from the conditions, symptoms and dangers of exposure.


Building and construction employees in all industries exposed to potential heat stress

Construction Project

Introduction|Heat And The Body’s Cooling System|Heat Related Illnesses|Treating Heat Related Illnesses|Preparing To Work In Hot Environments|Conclusion


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