Hazard Communication In Construction Environments


In 1983, OSHA defined the hazard communication (HAZCOM) standard giving employees the legal right to know about the hazardous materials they could encounter in your workplace. This online training for construction workers takes a deeper dive into this OSHA standard and the safety practices to inform and protect them regarding hazardous materials (HAZMATs). Viewers first learn about the sources of HAZMAT information, which are enforced by the HAZCOM standard. These sources are safety data sheets, labels, and your company’s Hazards Communication Program. This course then discusses your potential exposure to HAZMATs and how to respond to an exposure and spill. The hazardous materials present at your jobsite could include toxins, corrosives, irritants, carcinogens, radioactive materials, flammables, combustibles, or oxidizers. Viewers learn the importance of using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safe storage practices. Use this online training to help encourage awareness and utilization of the HAZCOM Program to promote safety at the construction site.


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Introduction|Sources Of HAZMAT Information|Exposure To HAZMATs|Toxins, Corrosives And Irritants|Carcinogens And Radioactive Materials|Flammables, Combustibles And Oxidizers|PPE And Safe Storage|Responding To A HAZMAT Spill|Conclusion


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