Hazard Communication In Auto Service Environments


While hazardous materials, or HAZMATs, serve a variety of meaningful purposes, they also create serious hazards in auto service environments, especially with they are mishandled. Those auto service workers who work with hazardous chemicals while cleaning or repairing vehicles must learn about HAZCOM regulations and their purpose. In compliance with OSHA’s Hazard Communication regulation known as the “HAZCOM Standard,” this course provides auto service workers with the information they have the “right to know” about any potentially dangerous materials they work with. From specifying equipment and safe work practices when handling different types of HAZMATs to learning proper storage practices and emergency response procedures, this course assures workers are kept safe from the HAZMATs they use daily. Present this course so all auto service employees learn how to avoid accidents, injuries, and the hazards associated with different types of HAZMATs in the workplace.


Employees at all levels and positions in auto service environments who are exposed to HAZMATs

Auto Repair Shop

Introduction|Sources Of HAZMAT Information|Exposure To HAZMATs|Toxins, Corrosives And Irritants|Carcinogens And Radioactive Materials|Flammables, Combustibles And Oxidizers|PPE And Safe Storage|Responding To A HAZMAT Spill|Conclusion


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