GHS Safety Data Sheets in Construction Environments


As required by OSHA, all employees exposed to hazardous materials are to be given the information and training they need to handle HAZMATs safely. This information has been standardized through the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard. This course teaches workers how to understand and rely upon the information GHS Safety Data Sheets provide in order to comply with OSHA’s “right to know” mandate. With the goal of assuring employees work more safely with HAZMATs, this course begins by detailing vital background information about hazardous materials and Hazard Communication. Showing employees how to respond to HAZMAT emergencies and how to handle and store hazardous materials, this course emphasizes how to quickly and easily find and use the information contained in GHS Safety Data Sheets. Present this course to teach workers how to recognize, understand, and correctly respond to the important safety information provided through GHS Safety Data Sheets.


Construction and building workers

Construction Project

Introduction|Hazard Communication, The Globally Harmonized System And Safety Data Sheets|Materials And Their Hazards|Responding To HAZMAT Emergencies|Handling And Storing Hazardous Materials|Important Technical Information|Conclusion


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