GHS Container Labels In Construction Environments


OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, known as the “HAZCOM Standard,” gives employees who work with HAZMATs the right to know about any hazardous substances present on their job site and how to handle them safely. This course gives those employees the basis for understanding and using the HAZMAT information presented on GHS container labels. By first teaching workers the goals of hazard communication, this course introduces the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) and the role it plays in OSHA’s HAZCOM standard. Showing workers how GHS container labels communicate HAZMAT information to the people who work with them, this course demonstrates how to recognize the elements of a GHS container label and identify the types of hazards represented by GHS pictograms. Present this course to help construction workers understand the goals of the HAZCOM Standard, realize the GHS advantages, and know how HAZMAT container labels provide information to help prevent accidents, injuries and even fatalities.


Building and construction employees who work with or around HAZMATs

Construction Project

Introduction|The Goals Of Hazard Communication|The Benefits Of The GHS System|GHS Pictograms|Text Elements Of GHS Labels|Conclusion


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