Excavation and Trenching Safety


Excavation is among the most dangerous construction jobs, causing four fatalities per month. Over a five-year period, 30 percent of worker deaths occurred in trenches five to nine feet deep; far fewer in trenches 20 or more feet deep. This video explains support systems such as benching, shielding and trench boxes, shoring and sloping. It describes how trench failures occur, symptoms of trench failure and cave-in progression. Employees learn they must be trained on personal protective equipment, access and egress, safe and unsafe soil conditions, protective systems, traffic and vehicle safeguards, hazardous atmosphere and buried utilities. The role of an OSHA-competent person and that individual’s responsibilities are outlined. This video training discusses the various soil types, classifications and testing of soils, and the slop angle appropriate for the soil type. Construction and placement of access and egress ramps, stairways, ladders and walkways are explained. Applicable OSHA standards and appendices are referenced. Providing this Video On Demand training to employees who work in and around trenches and excavations will help protect their safety and make them aware of the dangers associated with this work.


Excavation and trench workers

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Understanding Excavation and Trenching|General Requirements|Specific Requirements|Protective Systems|Interpretations and Appendices


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