Ethics For Everyone: Why Be Ethical?


This light-hearted ethics training makes a great required course for your employees. Not only does it cover a serious and important topic, it does so in an upbeat way while providing usable tips and methods for behaving ethically. This course dives right into how to be ethical starting with respecting yourself. Modules within the training course focus on self-discipline, knowing what you stand for and how to resist acting unethically. They also learn how to write a statement of value to describe how they can help meet the company’s overall mission. Deciding between what is right and what might be best for you can be a difficult decision. With this training course, learners obtain tips and methods to assist in making those decisions.

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It’s The Right Thing To Do|Your Customers Demand It|You’ll Be Happier|Ethics Begins With Respect|Know What You Stand For|Ethics Requires Self-Discipline|How To Avoid Lapsing Into Unethical Behavior|How To Deal With People Who Want You To Compromise Your Ethics|Communicating Your Ethics To Your Team|Communicating Your Ethics To Your Customers|Creating A Statement Of Values|Maintaining Your Statement Of Values|Promoting An Ethical Culture


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37-45 minutes

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