Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices and the 2021 NFPA 70E for Supervisors and Managers


The NFPA has developed a set of standards called the 70E, its set of standards for electrical safety in the workplace. Originally developed at the request of the OSHA, it assists companies and employees to avoid workplace injuries and fatalities due to electrical emergencies and hazards and helps in complying with certain OSHA regulations. The 2021 NFPA 70E is the latest edition, and this course covers the first chapter to familiarize supervisors and managers with their obligations and responsibilities as part of developing or enhancing their workplace safety initiatives and protocols. The course covers key areas like the two hazards of electricity, eliminating hazards, the electrical safety program, risk assessment and risk control, incident investigation and auditing, and many other topics pertinent to implementing or enhancing a successful electrical safety plan as part of your overall workplace safety processes and procedures. Utilize this course among your supervisory staff to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to workplace safety and peoples’ rights and responsibilities using the latest NFPA 70E as a framework and to comply with various regulations.


This course is especially geared toward managers and supervisors where electrical safety must be factored into a workplace’s safety plans and procedures.

Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|Two Hazards Of Electricity|Hazard Elimination And Electrically Safe Work Condition|Energized Work|The Electrical Safety Program|The Risk Assessment Procedure|The Hierarchy Of Risk Control Methods|Job Safety Plan And Job Briefing|Incident Investigation And Auditing|Training Requirements And Qualified Person|Creating An Electrically Safe Work Condition|Work Involving Electrical Hazards|Shock Risk Assessment And Approach Boundaries|Arc Flash Risk Assessment And Arc Flash Boundary|Arc Flash PPE|Equipment Labels|Conclusion


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