COVID 19: Staying Safe At Work For Employees


COVID-19 has impacted our lives and our workplace. This video training explores how employees can stay safe at work during the coronavirus pandemic. This video training educates viewers about the symptoms and modes of transmission of COVID-19. Viewers learn about the screening processes their employers may implement. This training explores the proper way to put on and take off face coverings and other Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). The course details other new workplace procedures to prevent the spread of illness, including physical distancing sanitization, cleaning, and other details of the Infection Control Plan. Use this video to educate employees about best practices for staying safe at work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


All employees

Healthcare Facilities|Manufacturing Plant|Offices

Our World Has Changed|Factors In Determining Infection Control Measures|The Screening Process For Preventing Entry By Potentially Contagious People|Responding To COVID-19 Symptoms|Modes Of Transmission|The Infection Control Plan|Physical Distancing|Face Covering Policy|Putting On And Taking Off A Face Covering Properly|A 100 Percent Face Covering Policy|The Sanitization And Hygiene Program|Cleaning Commonly Touched Surfaces|Speaking To Your Supervisor About Concerns|OSHA’s Four Categories Of Worker Risk|Donning Your PPE|Removal Of Your PPE|Summary


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