Cell Phones In The Workplace: A Dangerous Distraction – Concise Version


While you would not do a crossword puzzle while operating a forklift, or juggle while on the warehouse floor, many of us think nothing of sending and receiving text messages while on the job. And while we are certainly aware of the dangers of texting and driving, texting on the job may be just as dangerous. This training provides you with examples of how distracted cell phone use can lead to serious injuries or property damage, and what steps to help combat distractions caused by cell phones while at work. This course presents several specific examples, which show you what may happen when you are distracted by your cell phone around forklifts and chemical hazards. Additionally, you will be instructed on policies regarding both cell phone restrictions and approved cell phone use. You also learn about recognizing and responding to unsafe cell phone use. This is critical, as even a moment’s distraction can lead to someone’s death, whether it is your coworker’s or even your own. Utilize the materials provided here, know the importance of not being distracted by your cell phone at work, and help maintain a safer work environment.


Anyone working in an industrial environment

Chemical Plant|Manufacturing Plant|Warehouse

Introduction|Example 1: Distracted Forklift Operator|Cell Phone & Texting Policies|Emergency Contact Procedures|Approved Cell Phone Use|Example 2: Chemical Contamination Hazards|Recognizing and Responding to Unsafe Cell Phone Use|Conclusion


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