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Workplaces are full of hazards that can hurt or kill employees. This course shows the relationship between controlling these hazards and preventing injuries by wearing the correct personal protective equipment, or PPE. Opening by explaining the prevalence and dangers of workplace hazards, this course presents the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal OSHA) Hierarchy of Controls that, when followed, are the best way to control hazards and reduce risk of injuries and illnesses at work. The course starts by teaching employees how the first step toward workplace safety is to eliminate potential hazards. This course spotlights the types, meaning, purpose, and impact of PPE as a worker’s last line of defense against job site injuries. Use this course to ensure all employees know how, when, and why proper PPE usage can reduce their risks and eliminate potential hazards throughout the workplace.


All California employees who must use PPE for work

Manufacturing Plant

Introduction|Eliminating Potential Hazards|What Is PPE And Why We Use It?|Types Of PPE: Hardhats|Types Of PPE: Hearing Protection|Types Of PPE: Eye And Face Protection|Types Of PPE: Hand Protection|Types Of PPE: Foot Protection And Other Types Of PPE|Conclusion


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