Be a Great Mentor


Mentoring, making a positive difference in someone else’s life, is one of the most rewarding initiatives a manager can pursue. By choosing to work one-on-one with an employee who is eager to move up in the organization, effective mentors guide, teach, and motivate their mentees to reach their career pathing goals. This course shows aspiring mentors how to develop a collaborative, productive relationship with their mentees as they work toward achieving their objectives. By outlining the five basic steps in the process, this course illustrates how to establish measurable goals and define an action plan for accomplishing them, while celebrating small victories along the way. Use this course to develop strong mentors in your organization who in turn, cultivate new managers and future mentors.


Employees who are at the point in their careers where they want to assist someone else in the company to achieve his or her career goals.

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Choose to Make a Difference|Establish Norms with Your Mentee|Help Your Mentee Establish Goals|Identify an Action Plan|Listen & Give Feedback|One More Thing


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