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Over one million back injuries in the workplace occur a year. Injuries lead to lost wages as well as productivity. To help prevent these losses, as well as back pain, use this training course to arm your team with the best practices for a healthier back at work and at home. This course begins with a review of how the spine functions and how it is constructed. This overview provides your team with the initial knowledge and awareness they need to start adopting healthier practices. Next, the common types of back injuries are discussed including acute or chronic pain, slipped discs, ruptured or herniated discs, and whiplash. Healthy posture habits are reviewed to help prevent injury doing daily, repetitive actions, such as working at a desk. Lifting items safely and securely is also covered. With this training course, your employees learn the healthy habits they can adopt to prevent back pain and injury.


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Introduction|How The Back Works|Types Of Back Injuries|Better Posture For A Healthier Back|How To Lift Things Safely|Taking Care Of Your Back 24/7|Conclusion


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