Aerial Lifts In Industrial And Construction Environments: Working With And Around A Lift


Aerial lifts can help you reach areas that would otherwise be almost impossible to get to, however, they can be dangerous to with or around. Those who work in industrial and construction environments and who are responsible for the safe operation of aerial lifts must be trained to understand the intricacies of working with and around an aerial lift. This course introduces aerial lifts and how OSHA defines them. The course demonstrates how to inspect the lift at the worksite, prepare to use and operate the lift, and finally wrap up your work and physically working around the lift. Working with an aerial lift can be dangerous if you do not use it properly. Utilize this course to prepare your team to safely inspect, operate and work around aerial lifts at the worksite.

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This course is geared toward those working directly with aerial lifts and those who supervise the work.

Construction Project|Warehouse

Introduction|Inspecting An Aerial Lift And Its Worksite|Preparing To Use A Lift|Operating An Aerial Lift|Wrapping Up Your Work With A Lift|Working On The Ground Near An Aerial Lift|Conclusion


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