Use Lifetime Training Records to Enhance your Job Search

In today’s job market, standing apart from other candidates is a definite challenge. What once made you noticeable among applicants is now considered standard by employers. Present your experiences and skills in a distinctive manner, making employers remember you and your resume. is the first online training provider to offer lifetime training records to help individuals present their training achievements.

Training makes you Marketable

Resumes filled with job experience and references are necessary, but no longer provide the edge so many employers are looking for. Taking the initiative to become a more employable individual, through actions such as training, displays your commitment to your career.

Training provides the knowledge necessary to reacquaint yourself with material you learned long ago, or help quantify skills you already mastered. As you break into a new field, learning some basic industry information demonstrates self-motivation to employers. Interviewers look for people who have done their research and can demonstrate the skills they bring to a company. offers courses covering a variety of topics applicable for many types of organizations. If unsure of where to start, basic safety training is beneficial for any work environment. Showing a commitment to safety alone, demonstrates initiative and character to an employer.

Document your Skills

TrainingPower offers individuals access to legitimately free training courses, all of which include certificates of completion, as well as free lifetime training records. The lifetime training records feature allows individuals to display all their training completed within TrainingPower. From your records you can view and print certificates. Lifetime training records are permanently accessible online, keeping access to personal records at your fingertips.

The transcripts serve as documentation of your developed and practiced job skills. In a tough economy, show initiative by using your time during unemployment to develop additional skills, making you a more marketable candidate. Having additional training beyond what has been required in previous employment shows your genuine interest in your industry of choice. Skills are easily talked about, but are often more difficult to authenticate. Showing records of your training during an interview validates your achievements.

Make an Impression on Interviewers

Leaving an interviewer with documentation of training and copies of certificates is a great reminder of what you offer the organization. These types of “extras” make you stand out from applicants only submitting standard cover letters and resumes. Interviewers will see you are concerned with more than just specific job tasks and they can expect you to be better than average. Let help you create a more powerful impression at your next interview.