Mastery Technologies Receives Corp! Magazine’s DiSciTech Award for its Mobile-Friendly VOD3 Platform

NOVI, Mich. – April 14, 2014 – To continue the outstanding progression from the release of its mobile-friendly Video On Demand (VOD3) platform, Mastery Technologies is receiving Corp! Magazine’s 2014 DiSciTech Award in the digital category. Within the digital category requisites, Mastery’s VOD3 platform is recognized for its mobile advances in the e-learning industry. Competing alongside over a hundred nominations, Mastery is honored to be selected and recognized as a leader in the online training, digital world. Corp! is honoring this year’s winners at a symposium and awards breakfast on April 17, 2014 at the VisTaTech Center in Livonia, Michigan.

Corp! Magazine believes Michigan companies are leading the way in innovation focused on digital, scientific, and technological pursuits. To recognize these cutting-edge organizations, Corp! initiated the Business of Science and Technology awards in 2010 and added a separate Digital Award category in 2011. Companies receiving these awards demonstrate the drive for innovation by pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and the digital world. Each honoree has enhanced their enterprises through innovation, research, applied science and digital technology.

Mastery was selected for the development of its third-generation, mobile-friendly VOD3 platform. Mastery, as the first in the industry to complete the feat of creating a mobile-friendly compatible VOD format, is ahead of the crowd in mobile-friendly e-learning, and not just by a miniscule number, but by offering hundreds of compatible courses. Its interface is an enjoyable experience for learners; like using interactive, mobile television. The VOD platform allows users to play courses on multiple devices and browsers without having to worry about a disruption in quality and production values. Workers at any skill level can receive the same convenient and effective training. Mobile learning provides employees the power to train at their convenience, and alleviate the stress of being limited to the accessibility of a work computer. Employees can complete training assigned to them at their own pace and on their own time.

Through its belief that the growth of an organization (especially a small business) is based on the ability to transfer skills and techniques to its employees, Mastery is proud to play an integral role in their customers’ success. Mastery Technologies is an excellent example of one way in which Michigan-based companies are providing innovative technological solutions for their clients; helping to build amazing organizations.

This year’s winners are listed in the March/April 2014 Corp! print issue, as well as highlighted in a full feature story included in a special April 24th digital e-Publication.

About Mastery Technologies Inc.
Mastery Technologies established the e-learning industry’s first Training Content Network. Mastery partners with leading video content providers to co-produce the largest, standardized, workplace e-learning library available. Mastery goes beyond connecting customers with content, by pro-actively supporting both customers and content partners. In this way Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.