Sexual Harassment Prevention In New York For Managers


The State of New York has a long history of protecting the rights of employees, as every employer in the state is required to have a zero-tolerance sexual harassment policy. Several laws, namely the New York Human Rights Law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and the New York City Human Rights Law, protect employees as well. Managers and supervisors play a critical role under these laws, as their actions directly impact both a company’s legal liability, as well as its culture. After all, an employer is strictly liable for sexual harassment committed by these individuals, or for harassment they failed to report, even if one was unaware of the harassment. This course explores the role of managers in sexual harassment prevention, while providing tips to help prevent sexual harassment in your company. This course starts by explaining the two forms of sexual harassment: Quid Pro Quo and hostile environment. Culture begins at the top; utilize the information presented in this training lesson and understand how you can best prevent sexual harassment in your workplace.


Managers and Supervisors in the state of New York

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Overview|Quid Pro Quo Harassment|Hostile Environment|Potentially Illegal Acts|Preventing Harassment|Reporting Harassment|Remedies|Bystander Intervention|Retaliation|Consequences


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