Microsoft: Excel2003: Web Functionality


Gain valuable and powerful skills. Turn your spreadsheet into a complete resource for others by publishing it to the web or intranet and embedding hyperlinks. Connect others to supporting web resources, network files, email contacts to maximize the benefit of your work. Enhance your personal productivity and technical credibility. This minicourse in our Lesson-On-Demand format is part of a series on Excel 2003. You will learn how to publish your spreadsheet to the web and to automatically update it. Learn the types of hyperlinks and how to imbed them in a spreadsheet and how to optimize them for various browsers. This sharply focused approach gives you precisely the training you need when you need it and when you are personally ready to learn. You can apply what you’ve learned immediately in your daily work or current project. This minicourse is short enough to fit easily into your busy schedule with little disruption to your daily workflow.

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Everyone who uses or plans to use Microsoft Access 2003 in their job, business, studies, or personal record keeping activities.


Hyperlinks|E-mail a Hyperlink|Hyperlinks Within Files|Hyperlinks to Other Files|Optimizing for Web Publication|Publishing to the Web|Office Web Components|Viewing in a Browser|Republishing


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