Enterprise Training

Take advantage of our enterprise training solutions and its many benefits

The simplest way to train your employees here is to have them create their own accounts and direct them to the courses you want them to take. They can show you their certificates of completion to prove training occurred.

If you are interested in a more robust enterprise training solution, contact us to learn more.

Reduce 90% of Training Administrative Hassles

TrainingPower® Learning Management System (LMS) gives employers the ability to access and maintain their own private training site. As an employer, you can set up groups within your LMS tailored to match your organizational structure. Specifying how you want your employees grouped and the training you want each group to take allows the LMS to manage the details for you. Reports of training usage and certificates of completion are all easily accessible.

Instructors can easily complete records of attendance for training classes or seminars, documenting who has completed “off-line” training sessions. This information is combined with all other training assignments within the LMS, so an individual’s complete training history is recorded and available for viewing.

Avoid the administrative hassles of training and get your own private Learning Management System started now! Contact us to learn more.